We are proud to have provided Miami Dade Transit, New York City Transit and Long Island Railroad many Transit Products for the past 9 -1/2 years.

Past Projects

  • NYCT Myrtle Ave
  • LIRR CM007
  • LIRR 2nd Track
  • LIRR Atlantic Branch Half - Tie Project
  • Miami Dade Transit  Third Rail Cover Board System Rehab
  • Miami Dade Transit Concrete Ties Project
  • Miami Dade Transit Direct Fixation Fastener Project
  • Miami Dade Transit  MIC-Earlington Heights Extension Project  Acoustical Sound Wall Barrier
  • Miami Dade Transit Third Rail Cover Board System Test Track at Lehman Ctr

Present Projects

  • NYCT Kings Highway
  • Maryland Transit Administration-Purple Line
  • NYCT 207th ST Sandy Flood Mitigation
  • NYCT Culver B-Line
  • Metropolitan Council - Southwest Greenline Extension
  • LIRR Mid Day Storage Yard